Cultural and Historical Immersion in Richmond


Richmond, the capital of Virginia, is seeped in history and culture. Where before, it was about strictly business or family visits, the city has been steadily attracting tourists and out-of-towners in recent years.

A brief or longer stay?

Richmond is ideal for a weekend trip where you can experience the best attractions. If you have more time on your hands and fancy an outdoor bicycling adventure, give the Virginia Capital Trail a try. Extending 52 miles between Richmond and Jamestown, the route is scenic and takes you past a number of historic sites. The byway is lined with a tree canopy that provides shade and cools riders and cyclists down.

Landmarks you simply cannot miss

As the seat of the Confederate Congress, Richmond has strong historical ties to the Civil War. It is home to the Museum and White House of the Confederacy, and Historic Tredegar housing the biggest record of Confederacy artifacts.

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is for the art lover in you. It houses the works of famous abstract artists John Walker and Sean Scully, exhibits by Gustav Fabergé, and a roster of exhibitions encompassing various styles, movements and eras. For an extended trip, try staying at the iconic Jefferson Hotel located in proximity to other city landmarks, including Richmond National Battlefield Park and Edgar Allen Poe’s house.

If you want to experience the city as a local would, the eminently strollable Fan District with its plethora of bars and restaurants is an excellent choice, as is the shopping district of Carytown.

Or you could head to Libbie/Grove avenues in the West End for a movie, meal and window-shopping. For wood-fired traditional breads, make some time for Sub Rosa and dig into gastropub delights at Dutch & Co.

Monument Avenue is architecturally significant for its historic and religious architecture, public art, and use of public land which come together in the Grand American Avenue city planning style. A tour of Jackson Ward, a center of  African American cultural and economic activity with a profound sense of history and national importance, is highly recommended.            

Getting around

The interstate highway links Virginia to all major cities and towns, giving you the flexibility to choose scenic routes to make your trip even more special and for the photo ops. Traffic can get quite busy in Richmond, so you can ditch your four wheeler for a segway through rentals or a segway tour/microtour. For trips downtown or a wine tasting tour in New Kent County, tourists prefer to rent a bicycle. Another option is the GRTC bus transit, but you may want to read reviews and ask around before hopping into one.