Five of the Coolest Outdoor Activities in Sedona


At the heart of the Arizona desert lies an oasis they call Sedona. The desert town is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. It also attracts bird-watchers, art lovers, and healers. In this post, we will focus on the outdoor activities that make it possible to experience the best of the geological bounty of Sedona.


Sedona is famous for its red sandstone formations, which are unlike anything elsewhere in the United States. The red to orange colored sandstone is particularly intense during the evenings. You will see jeeps basking in the crimson red landscape, ready to take visitors to nooks and corners where the rock formations are particularly unique, to vantage points that promise sweeping views, and Native American ruins. You can also sign up for four wheeled tours that take you on backcountry expeditions to canyons and desert peaks. Wine tasting and wildlife spotting is also included in some  packages.


Hikers abound in Sedona for the same reason that jeeps and ATVs are so common – to view the majestically rugged topography in the flesh. A number of well designed trails are accessible to hikers across all experience levels. If this is your first time to the town, consider going on a guided hike that may include a single-day trip or a multi-day backpacking trek. Some of the packages may also include camping, yoga and meditation.

Vortex hunting

Vortexes are natural sources of electromagnetic energy located in certain sites across Sedona. The rock formations are regarded to be spiritual sources of energy that nurture us and balance our bodies’ yin and yang energies. Visitors seeking mind-body exploration set out to vortex sites that can be found in maps at New Age stores. Some of the town’s vortexes are supposedly at Airport Mesa, Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon, Spaceship Rock, Munds Trail and Cathedral Rock. The lure of vortex hunting brings healers and spiritualists from all across the country.


Interestingly, Sedona also beckons golf enthusiasts who take some time off from sight-seeing and jeep tours to tee off at the top-rated Sedona Golf Resort, one of Southwest’s most beautiful golf courses. The par-71 course enjoys a picturesque desert backdrop, a luxury spa, and an urban chic atmosphere.

Hot Air Ballooning 


Sedona’s best views may very well be from the top! Many hot air balloon rides are scheduled before dawn to give you a fantastic views of the sun rising over the red rocks and canyons. Some adventures take you close to the waters meandering through red rock formations. Either way, the experience is unforgettable.

Meta description : Blessed with uniquely rugged topography, Sedona is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, offering hiking, offroading, hot ballooning, vortex hunting and golfing opportunities.