What Not To Do When You’re In Las Vegas


What happens in Sin City stays there….or does it? The temptation to let loose in Las Vegas and take chances often runs high. Problem is, some choices we make may not be in our best interest, and the truth may dawn on us after appropriate ‘punishment’ has been meted out! Sometimes, it’s not the silly risks we take but the stupid decisions we make that can make our wallets lighter or our stomachs sicker (and we’re not talking about the excessive alcohol drinking here!).

  1. Buying bottled water from peddlers on the Strip

There have been incidents were the police have hunted down on dubious vendors re-packaging used bottles with tap water and selling them to unsuspecting tourists. While vendors are must now have a business license to sell water, it is best not to take any chances with peddlers on the Strip, and focus on getting to your hotel as soon as you can.

  1. Trying to get lucky at the AVN awards

Adult-movie fans flock to the ‘Oscars of Porn’ – the Adult Video News awards – to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars, get into the convention’s official parties, attend Q&A sessions with adult stars and even live chat with some of them. If you have plans to attend one as an adult movie watcher or just for a kick, partake in the festivities but avoid trying to get handsy with a starlet. Not only is it bad manners, but you could end up with more than a black eye once the bouncers are done with you!

  1. Being clueless about how to get around

On the Strip, cab drivers are barred from stopping on the street as it poses a grave safety risk. There are designated cab stands at shopping malls, casinos and clubs where you can easily hail one. If you cannot access one for some reason, stand at a place where the cab driver doesn’t have a chance to block traffic.

Jaywalking is a minor offense in Las Vegas, but if it leads to an accident, you could be charged with a more serious offense. 

  1. Not checking the dress rules at the casino you plan to visit 


Not all major casinos in Las Vegas have a relaxed dress code. Some may not let you in if you’ve arrived in sneakers or worn a casual outfit. It is best to confirm the dress rules in advance to avoid nasty surprises.