The BMW X2 Concept

If BMW chose the 2016 Paris Motor Show event to unveil the X2, then there has to be something special about it. As with any other model that BMW has rolled out, the X2 too is a model that has amazed people with its appearance. However, experts who know that beauty is only skin deep, are of the opinion that the car has more substance than just that. If hints dropped by the company are to be trusted, then you can expect a car that has been maximized for its functionality. After all, if BMW thought its new addition to the X series worthy of the Paris Motor Show, then there should be a good reason for it! As of now, however, we can only go by guesses as BMW has not officially revealed much information yet.


Image Source: Wikimedia

‘Enjoyment and practicality’

Does this sound like something you are looking for in a car? Then maybe BMW was thinking of a market made of customers like you when it came up with this model. Senior Vice President BMW Group Design, Adrian van Hooydonk, revealed that this new concept has been specially designed for people who are ‘active’, and are looking for that perfect combination of practicality and enjoyment. Well, the words ‘active’, ‘enjoyment’, and ‘practicality’ may sound vague because everyone can have a different idea of what those words mean. However, perhaps you have got the fair idea of what Hooydonk is trying to say. Anyhow, what we can infer from this is that this SUV has been designed for adventuring families who are looking for a bit of daily commuting, as well as regular road-trips.

Snugly fits between the X1 and X3

The X2 fits perfectly in what anyone would describe as a ‘coupe’. BMW fans who have been closely following its models can tell you why the X2 makes such a great model. While the X1 was perceived to be more of a ‘box-like’ wagon, the X3 is a bit too ‘tall’ for people. The X2, needless to say, combines the two, thereby fitting perfectly between the two. This smart move by BMW aims at satisfying that segment of the market which was in a way disappointed by the limitations of the X1 and X3.


Image Source: Wikimedia

Overall, the BMW X2 is a model that combines aggression with sleekness. Enthusiasts are now waiting excitedly to know more about what’s going to be under the hood as well.

Our Highlights From The Paris Motorshow

The 2016 Paris Motor Show saw some truly stunning concepts in the automobile world. The Paris Motor Show has been around since the 1800s, and still happens to be perhaps the most glamorous and awaited car show in the world. As such, it is no wonder that you would find only the most exquisite models unveiled at Paris.

Perhaps the most obvious feature of this time’s Paris Motor Show is the push towards electric technology. The trend of Electric machines is already gaining momentum and what better place for major car manufacturers to unveil their future plans than the Paris Motor Show? Here are a few highlights from the show that indicate what the world automobile engineering is headed to in the near future.

Image Source: Wikimedia


  1. Emission Free concepts: This is the single most important feature of this year’s show. Well, the emergence of electric cars means that you can expect emission-free driving in future. As of now, all car manufacturers have unanimously bowed down to the market’s increasing concern towards the environment. As a result, all car companies are increasing their focus on developing technology that will ensure emission-free functioning. The Paris Motor Show 2016 saw some truly amazing emission-free models. Companies that took the show by storm with their emission free plans were Mercedes EQ Generation, Volkswagen’s ID concept, and of-course, Tesla.
  1. Technology is going to an all-new level: The plans that car manufacturers have for the technology that will be used by their models is phenomenal. Companies like Tesla and Mercedes have announced plans that when executed, will result in the emergence of cars that are highly sophisticated. Companies have unveiled ideas that will change the manner in which we think about of car infotainment, safety, autonomy and other such technology.
  1. Manufacturers are stepping up the designing: One feature that just could not be missed is how the appearance of each model was stunning. It looks like each of the manufacturers have taken it as a personal mission to launch cars that are built to kill with their looks. Especially notable are Mercedes’ Maybach and Generation EQ models, and the Volkswagen ID which has a very unusual, but futuristic appearance.


Image Source: Wikimedia

  1. The absentees: Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Ford have not unveiled any model this season. However, executive from all three manufacturers were present at the show. When the rest of of the manufacturers have made some splendid launches, it is a matter of curiosity as to why these companies have not done so.

Perhaps they have something extraordinary in store for the 2017 Paris Motor Show?

Lewis Hamilton’s Current F1 Season Looks Very Bumpy

If you have followed Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton’s performances carefully, then you’d be well aware of the hard times that he has fallen into. The 31-year old British Formula 1 racer’s steady rise to the top was harshly marred by an engine failure in his most recent race. This not only got the racer out of the race, but also sent his aspirations to reach the top, spiraling down.

Image Source: Wikimedia


“A test of will”

Hamilton himself believes that his setbacks are nothing but a ‘test of will’.  He said that there is a ‘higher force’ at play in his life right now. He believes that this higher power is trying to lead him to something deeper, and that he has to now accept the challenging and face it rather than lose heart. His failure at the Malaysian Grand Prix has led him to believe that he has hit a point in life where his ‘spirit is being tested’, and has affirmed that rather than get discouraged by it, he will ‘get up and fight’.

The racer seems to be very optimistic about this hard phase. He believes that life is about how a person gets up after falling. As such, he says that no matter what, he will not give up. He also acknowledged the role that others have played in reaching this far in his career by saying that it is not him who feels the pain of what recently happened, but also his mechanics. He said that despite this recent failure, he and everyone who has played an important role in his career will reflect deeply about everything, and come back, stronger.

This was not the first that the Formula 1 star has faced a failure due to technical issues. During the Spanish Grand Prix, he collided with teammate Nico Rosberg, thereby losing his chance at winning the title then too. The same feelings that he went through back then is what he is currently going through, he revealed.


Image Source: Wikimedia

Bumpy road ahead

Although Hamilton seems very hopeful about the future, circumstances seem to have gotten a little more difficult for him. The tough competition he is facing from other contenders like Red Bull and Ferrari is just one. A more serious issue is the rather disappointing start that Mercedes is giving him in the race. But perhaps the biggest cause of concern is the strict rules that F1 has in place that restrict a driver to just five power units in this season. Having almost exhausted this allowance by the race authorities, Hamilton has some serious challenges to face in the coming days.

Super Stylish Denim Trends to Look out for this Fall/Winter


Image credits – Pixabay

Denim jeans are a timeless piece of clothing that has been a staple in our wardrobes since time immemorial. It has been loved world over for its enormous versatility and functionality as a dependable garment that can be worn throughout the year. With this season’s fashion weeks just wrapping up, we have a few denim trends that are likely to make it big in the fall/winter 2016-17.

Boyfriend denims

 The masculine yet cute boyfriend jeans have been around for quite some time now. The jeans have masculine abrasions and low waists with cuffs on the legs. More often than not, the boyfriend jeans are plane and devoid of any embellishments or embroidery, taking their cue from the male fashion world. This fall/winter season, the cuffed boyfriend jeans are sure to become a rage and occupy a major pedestal in the fashion world.

 Torn denims

 Torn jeans are a perfect fashion choice for modern independent women who are not afraid to embrace more radical and bold styles. Whether it is your regular boyfriend jeans or skinny classic cut, the style requires them to have subtle abrasions or deep conspicuous holes. The charisma of this funky denim style makes it a great choice for both grunge and casual look.

 Flared denims

 The fashion rage of the 70s, the flared denim has made a major comeback this season, with several top notch designers and brands coming together and putting it on the runway. The yesteryears’ podium flared boot cut is once again enjoying the limelight with its popularity soaring sky high this fall/winter. Most designers have brought in a fresh modernization to the flared denim by crafting the flare reaching up to the knees and even thighs. In order to eliminate the chances off appearing too retro, you can team your flared denims with short blazers or leather jackets that have a more en vogue appeal.

 Skinny denims


Image credits – Pixabay

The good old dependable skinny jeans trend is here to stay for long. Despite the fact that they are typically ideal for perfectly toned and slender extremities, the skinny denims are being embraced by women of all body shapes and sizes in the modern world. The soft and stretchable fabrics add on to the comfort of sporting your denims all day long and provide ample room for uninhibited movement.

Now that you are well acquainted with the latest denim trends that are likely to become a rage this fall/winter, just grab your favorite style from the store and make your own fashion statement for the season.

Pedicures – The Secret to Gorgeous Feet


Pampering your feet and toes by indulging in a pedicure, will not only ensure that your feet appear aesthetically beautiful and well groomed, but also help in maintaining their health and hygiene. Pedicure is a specially designed salon procedure that incorporates a series of treatments, which aim at providing deep cleansing and moisturization to your feet and using nail art to beautify your toes. What with the introduction a hundreds of different techniques ranging from Shanghai pedicure to french pedicure, it might become quite confusing and overwhelming to choose the most suitable procedure for your specific needs. We therefore bring to you a list of different kinds of pedicure procedures to help you zero in on the one that suits you the best.

Classic pedicure

The standard regular pedicure procedure comprises of soaking the foot in warm water with bath salts and scrubbing the skin with a foot file or a pumice stone to exfoliate and remove the dead cells. The procedure is followed by clipping of the toe nails and treatment of cuticles after tap drying the feet with a soft towel. A moisturizing cream is then applied onto your foot and the calf muscles are massaged for relaxation.  Nail paint can also be applied onto the toes if required by the client. The classic pedicure is a great option for individuals looking for regular foot maintenance.

Spa pedicure


Image credits – Pixabay 

The spa pedicure procedure is an upgraded version of the classic treatment. For a slightly higher price, the spa pedicure incorporates a few extra procedural steps and involves the use of paraffin wax, aromatherapy oils, salt scrub or a mud mask. Paraffin wax dips are used for removing calluses from the feet. Both mud mask and salt scrub are also used for exfoliation and deep moisturization of your feet. Furthermore, spa pedicures are performed in more private and relaxing environments that offer an enhanced pampering experience to the client.

Stone pedicure

Stone pedicures are a great option for individuals looking for a relaxing treatment that would help soothe sore muscles and tired or aching joints in the feet and calves. In addition to the regular treatments provided by a classic pedicure, this treatment involves rubbing of warm or hot stones down the foot, to relax the tense muscles. The salon professionals will also use essential aroma oils to de-stress and hydrate the foot and calf region.

The spa procedure can be performed both by professionals as well as in the convenience of your home. All you need is a few foot care products and a little knowledge about the procedural intricacies and you are good to go.

Hottest Winter Trends from the Runway that you Can Actually Pull off

Most trends and styles that are showcased by the world’s biggest fashion houses on the runway are too out worldly and larger than life for the ‘ladies-next-door’ to sport. After all, you are not expected to walk down the street in a Dracula inspired oversized cape, with white greasepaint all over your face and hands. However, this certainly doesn’t imply that you cannot take inspiration from those trends and create an outfit that suits your style. Let’s have a look at a few super awesome winter trends that are chic yet functional for keeping you warm in the chill.

Fur stoles

Image credits – Pixabay

The unmatched warmth that you can get from fur or faux fur can never be achieved by any other garment. The yesteryears’ style is back with a bang, courtesy top notch designers such as Monse. The fur stole can be worn around the neck or draped diagonally across your torso, to add layering to you regular outfit. 

Trench coats

Patent trench coats by Isabel Marant are a great alternative to opt for on days that are neither too cold nor too warm. When a simple denim jacket would make you feel cold and a heavy woolen coat would make you sweat, your best bet is a lightweight fabric trench coat that can provide you with the best of both worlds. You can make your outfit fun by choosing a trench in vibrant cheerful hues and even throw in a belt to cinch your waist and show off your curves.

Navy overcoats

Image credits – Pixabay

The stylish overcoat inspired by the Navy uniform, is an amazingly versatile piece of clothing that looks great with a variety of outfits ranging from simple denims to a gorgeous evening dress. To add a more dramatic look to your attire you can take a cue from Coach and go for the oversized Navy with chunky gold buttons on the front.


Who said that you need to put away all your sexy flirty summer dresses back in the wardrobe for the winter? You can simply wear a contrasting turtleneck-knitwear inside your dress and beat the chill in style. The layering trend by Tony Burch provides a fun element to your regular dress and also refrains from limiting your winter wardrobe to baggy jerseys and overcoats.

So just pick one of these super practical trends and sail away through the cold winter season in style.

Fall/Winter 2016-17 Trends for Evening Dresses


One of the most feminine pieces of clothing in the world is the gorgeous and alluring evening dress that is a complete ensemble in itself. An elegant and sensuous evening dress can transform you instantly from a girl-next-door into a gorgeous and stunning diva. Let’s have a look at some of the most striking evening dress trends that have been proposed by the top notch fashion designers for this fall/winter season.

The train and cape style

The recent fashion weeks have all embraced the use of veils, capes and trains in evening dresses with open arms. The trend aims at providing our beautiful ladies with an elongated and layered silhouette that intentionally adds a touch of festivity to the dress. You can opt for long flowy trains for special occasions that do not require a lot of movement. In case you wish to keep your movement uninhibited, you can go for short and stylish capes or simple yet elegant transparent veils. 

Mullet dress

The major reason for this trend catching up on popularity is its incredible versatility which makes it a go to for women all body shapes and sizes. The uneven hem levels and the asymmetric lines are great to provide a visual illusion of slimmer thighs and wash board abdomen. The idea is to choose the lengths correctly in order to distract the line of vision from your problem areas to the more gorgeous assets that you possess.

Frills and ruffles


Image credits – Pixabay

Despite the fact, that over the top embellishments and frills are a thing of the yesteryears, the trend is back with a bang and likely to stay in fashion for a long time now. Luxurious evening dresses with frills and ruffles on the sleeves, hems, neck or waist region are a great option for special occasions and parties that require you to dress up a little more than usual. The layering can be either subtle or exceptionally bold as per the requirement of the occasion.  However, the layered and pleated evening dress is not only limited to being a party wear, but also a perfect alternative to your regular A-lines and bodycons for a flirty dinner date.

The bottom line is, regardless of the outfit that you choose to go with, you need to exude a graceful confidence to bring out that powerful and alluring goddess in you.

Ditch the Regular Tee: Go for a Stylish and Elegant Bodysuit Instead


The classic bodysuit is back in style, thanks to the Kardashians. The uber trendy sister duo can be often spotted sporting a stylish jersey bodysuit teamed with other chic styles and outfits. The stylish one piece is a hassle free and super functional substitute for your baggy ill fitting t-shirts, and can be teamed with skirts and jeans alike. You can choose from a wide variety and styles of bodysuits listed here.

Lorenza bodysuit

The sexy yet elegant deep V neck bodysuit from Lorenza is a quintessential must have in your wardrobe. The chic fluid silk piece in khaki has a deep V front slit that extends up to the waist. The highly functional bodysuit is skillfully crafted in stretch fabric that hugs your torso and provides it an alluring definition. Priced at a $119, this gorgeous jersey is a go to trend for all the fashion and conscious ladies out there.

Rosie Assoulin bodysuit 

The funky red cotton knit body suit from New York based designer Rosie Assoulin is an indispensible part of the popular new trend that is here to stay for long. The stunning bodysuit sports a square shaped neck with cross straps at the back. The 99% cotton content makes it a great wear for all the seasons, as it lets your skin breathe and keeps you comfortable all day long. The bodysuit is priced at $895 and is available in a wide range of sizes to give you a perfect fit.

Balmain velvet bodysuit

Crafted from plush black stretch velvet, the stunning bodysuit is tailored in a boy-short silhouette that provides full coverage and superior comfort. The striking offering from the house of the French fashion giant, sports a zipper at the back and snap fastenings at the bottom hem. You can style the bodysuit with tailored pants for a stylish yet sophisticated look.

Image credits – Pixabay

 T by Alexander Wang bodysuit

 The super stylish fitted bodysuit from the T collection by Alexander Wang is a perfect option for seductive and sensuous dinner dressing. The lace modal spandex bodysuit can be held in place by sleek elastic straps at the back that are designed in a cross cross fashion. The garment has a tab closure at the crotch that makes its super easy to wear.

In addition to this, there are hundreds of other bodysuit styles that you can choose from, as per your body shape and requirements.

Tennessee Vols Go On 38-run Blitz to Beat Florida Gators


For 14 years, the Florida Gators have come out on top of the Tennessee Vols in the NCAA. The streak was finally broken on Saturday as the Vols made a stunning comeback that included a 38-run streak to beat the Gators 38-28 at home. After 11 consecutive losses to the Gators, the Vols looked they were about to go down again as the score was 21-0 right before halftime. A dominating performance after half-time ensured that the Vols remained undefeated for the 10th consecutive match. The streak was started at the tail end of last season and the win against one their biggest rivals ensured that it continued.

With a 102,455 fans watching on, the Gators took a commanding lead with 3 early touchdowns. Backup quarterback Austin Appleby scored all 3 of these and had things stayed that way, the Gators would’ve won yet again. Joshua Dobbs was the savior for the Vols. In the first half of the game, Dobbs had completed a miserable 7 out of 20 passes for 84 yards. Right before the break, Aaron Medley scored a filed goal and it seemed to energize both Dobbs and the rest of the team. Dobbs ended the game after 4 touchdown passes with 319 yards and 1 ground touchdown with 80 yards. Both these feats are a career best for the Vols man. Overall, the Vols gained 487 yards throughout the game. Before this game, the average for the Gators to concede was 127 yards per game.


Image credits – Wikimedia

Post-Match Reactions

Speaking of the victory, Vols coach Butch Jones commended his players’ character and emphasized just how good their program is. He also commended the fans’ patience for sticking around when the team was down. Dobbs also commented after the game and noted the importance of Medley’s field goal, late in the second quarter. He also implied that the comeback was necessary as they were shooting themselves in the foot in the first 2 quarters.

Florida coach Jim McElwain expressed his disappointment after the game and said that his team just let the Vols in. It’s hard to argue with that statement as the first down for the Gators in the second half came with only 6 minutes on the clock. Vols’ running back Jalen Reeves-Maybin, on the other hand, saw the victory in the game as a “stepping stone” to make Tennessee get back to the top.

Stanford Put on Late Show to Beat UCLA


No 7 ranked Stanford Cardinals left it late to beat the UCLA Bruins for the 9th consecutive time in the NCAA. With 24 seconds left in the game,  J.J. Arcega-Whiteside caught Ryan Burns’ pass and rallied for a game-winning touchdown. The game ended 22-13 to Stanford and UCLA’s losing streak against their rivals goes on for the 9th consecutive year.

Stanford quarterback Josh Rosen had an average game as he began the game quite slowly. He misread situations in the first two quarters of the game, that could’ve led to 2 touchdowns. He made up for in the remainder of the game with some impressive throws. He completed 18 of 27 passes for 248 yards and a touchdown.


Image credits – Wikimedia

Last-minute loss

UCLA held their defensive shape for 59 minutes and then mistakes cost them the game. Stanford running back rushed for 138 yards despite the Cardinals’ poor start to the game. With 2:05 left on the clock, Stanford got the ball back and made the most of it as they put up an impressive 70-yard drive to finish off UCL

Considering that they had never held on to a lead for more than 6 minutes against Stanford, UCLA suffered another grave loss. Speaking after the game, coach Jim Mora commended the defense but called the loss an awful one that stings. Nate Iese, UCLA’s tight end, had a decent game where gained 89 receiving yards, 5 catches and a touchdown. All of it went it vein in the end but the Bruins have a reason to be optimistic.

Stanford receiver J.J. Arcega-Whiteside attributed the win to maintaining their composure throughout the game. He admitted that mistakes were made but noted that the team came together when necessary to get the job done. After the game, Rosen stated that they would definitely play UCLA again this season at the Pac-12 Title game. He went on to say that they were one of the best teams in the conference and that he was “a million percent” sure of playing them again.

UCLA do have a right to be hopeful as they made changes in the off-season to bulk up their defense and match the strength of the Stanford team. This move might not have worked in their first 3 matches but it definitely worked this match. If they had held on a little longer, it would’ve been an historic win. UCLA are now 2-2 this season while Stanford remain unbeaten.

College Football Week 4 Recap


An exciting weekend of college football has come to an end with the Top 7 rankings remaining unchanged. Most of the teams below this number have experienced shifts in their ranking after an action-packed weekend. The Tennessee Vols’ eye-catching victory against the Gators was a major talking point but there were also other great games played out. Let’s take a look the winners and losers of last week’s action.


The Vols

Tennessee Vols were the biggest winners this weekend as they went on a 38 run blitz to beat longtime rival Florida Gators 38-28. The comeback from being down 21-3 right before halftime to winning emphatically after scoring 38 points in a row, is a great story in itself. Add to this, that it was the first time the Vols beat the Gators in 11 matches and the story writes itself. Joshua Dobbs, the man involved in all 5 touchdowns, earned a lot of praise and rightfully so.

The Wolverines

Michigan Wolverines are opening up their chances of getting into the Big Ten as they continue their spree of dominance. They beat Penn State 49-10 and coach Jim Harbaugh made sure they had a good start this game, unlike against Colorado last week.


The Cavaliers earned their first win of the season in style by scoring 3 touchdowns in the final 6 minutes of the game. Despite the losses in previous weeks, it is clear ti see that progress has been made. They earned a hard fought 49-35 win against Central Michigan and coach, Branco Mendenhall, will be pleased.

Other winners for the week include Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Wake Forest and Stanford.


Image credits – Pixabay


As with every week, there are bound to be losers but some have suffered greater losses than others. The Gators are one of the biggest losers this week. To have a 21-3 lead at halftime, against a team that you have not lost to for 14 years, and then let it all go in the next 2 quarters, is damning.  The Gators were expected to wrap up the game and instead ended with a 28-38 loss.

Notre Dame also turned in a disappointing performance as their defensive problems become more evident. They lost 38-35 to Duke and any hopes of making it to the playoffs are hanging by a thread. LSU, Oregon, Northern Illinois and Georgia were this week’s other losers.

Mercedes Maybach 6 Concept


Image credits – Pixabay

If cars that are built to shock you into silence is your thing, then you should be aware of the Mercedes Maybach 6 Concept. Unmatched and unrivaled, this model is a whole new idea, a whole new vision of high-end luxury cars. The Maybach has already gained a reputation of being the ‘car of your dreams’.

The Maybach 6 was unveiled this August in Monterey Car Week in California. So what makes this car so special?


Beauty maybe skin deep, but not in the case of Maybach. While many would think that a car’s appearance is not as important as its performance, Looks just had to be the first of the three for this beast. The reason for this is that the car’s appearance is something that is totally futuristic in style. The sleek cuts with the highly refined design makes it look as though it’s a miniature spaceship taken from a sci-fi movie. The most special feature, however, is the quaint retro look it has despite the highly modern design. The enormous hood and low roof are a perfect combination of the best that the ‘old days’ have to offer and the most creative ideas the future.


The Maybach is an all-electric car with a shocking hosrepower of over 700bhp! The monster comes to life with four electric motors and a 80kWh battery pack. Being a Mercedes, you can expect that the power from the motors is equally distributed among the four wheels. The megacoupe boasts of reaching a speed 62mph in within 4 seconds. The Maybach has been designed to reach a top-speed of 155bhp. These are some really serious features in the power department.


Image credits – Pixabay


It goes without saying that if Mercedes has taken up the challenge to create a legend like the Maybach, then the comfort features wouldn’t be something they’d ignore. The interiors of the car scream luxury and ooze comfort. With high-quality luxury Elm-wood trims and top-notch leather incorporated into the interiors, you would feel as though you are back to those days of elegance, style and highly personalized comfort. Couple this with the wide range of highly advanced technology on the inside, the Maybach 6 is going to be a new standard in luxury car manufacture.

Rich in looks, high on performance and sinfully comfortable, Mercedes may have pushed luxury automobile manufacture to a whole new level, impossible to beat.

Mazda CX 3

For the always-on-the-go driver, few cars can actually lived up to expectations as Mazda’s CX 3. This Crossover quickly gained popularity not only for its highly refined driving experience, but also for the functionality it has to offer. Compact, powerful and comfortable, the CX 3 provides the best option in the market for people who want to grocery shop at 10 am, and race around the empty city streets at 9pm. Here are five things that make the CX 3 a special car.


Great performance:

The CX 3 is powered by Skyactiv-design 2.0 liter four cylinder engine. The engine promises a power output of 146-horsepower coupled with a torque of the same amount. These numbers are good enough if you are considering a car that is meant for every-day use on city streets. The power features ensure a great performance while on road, quickly picking up speed from where you halt.


The car is more compact than the other models in this series. This mean better maneuverability and easy-to-manage features in heavy traffics and sharp cuts. The last thing you would want is to be stuck in a crowded street or road with a big model. As a car that has been designed for everyday use, the size is just perfect to heighten its functionality.

Cargo space:

For a model as compact as it is, the CX 3 gives ample space for storing luggage. The Hatchback Cargo area is modestly proportioned and can easily accommodate the moderate amount of luggage you would carry when using this carry. Again, everyday commute has been focused on while designing the cargo space. As such, passenger comfort has not been compromised on to increase cargo space.



Image credits – Pixabay

The SUV has been built on a unique design. Rather than remodel it based on existing plans, Mazda engineers have endowed the CX 3 with its own unique features. The most striking aspect of the car is the subtle way in which it has been given a dominating, muscular appearance, while retaining its compact and humble features. The large wheels and high ground clearance add to the car’s overall functionality.

Comfortable interiors:

The CX 3 has interiors that give a feeling of high-end comfort to the passengers despite being budget-friendly. The interior shave been designed with high-quality material, enhanced to give a very heightened sense of comfort.

A lot of other things makes the CX 3 a great model to own. A winner on most counts, it is surely a keeper!

2017 C-Class Cabriolet


If a sportscar meets luxury, then it will definitely look something like the Mercedes C-class Cabriolet. The convertible was unveiled in the 2016 Geneva car show. Mercedes-Benz already has a strong reputation as the manufacturer of some of the best models in the automobile world. With the C-class range, Mercedes has given a whole new dimension to launching cars that are simply amazing in terms of looks.

High in power

The C- Class Cabriolet has an engine that has a very heightened response. The car comes in these options:

The C300 has a 2.0 liter twin-turbo engine at its heart. The engine gives an output of 241bhp and 270 b-ft torque. The car has 9-speed transmissions and can rev up to 5500 rpm.

The AMG C43 variant is again a 9-speed transmission model just like the C300, but with an ability to shift between transmissions faster. The engine is a 3.0 liter V6 motor. The engine has an output of 362bhp at 5500 rpm with a 384lb-ft torque. This model can touch a speed of 60 in little over 4 seconds.

The C63 has much more power than the above two. Powered by a 4.0 twin-turbo V8 engine, this car gives an output of 469bhp and 479lb-ft torque. The C63 S variant has an output of 503 bhp and 516lb-ft torque.

All models are powerful and make revving up an absolute pleasure for the driver. For drivers who have a taste in style and elegance, yet are looking for an amazing experience in sportscar driving, the Cabriolet gives the perfect options to choose from.

High in style

Image credits – Pixabay

The Cabriolet has been designed to offer the perfect combination of luxury and a sporty look. All the variants are convertibles. The roof opens and closes quickly at the touch of a button, and do not occupy too much space at the back when folded. The Cabriolet has a minimalistic-yet-majestic looking appearance, with a high-set, solid looking body. The Cabriolet has something of a classical feel about it- the steep windshield and long hood add to the overall ‘old-school’ retro look of the models. However, the sharp creases, sleek headlight and tail-lamps bring the design of the car to a futuristic look.

The interiors have been inlaid with high-quality French-stitched leather that do the double-duty of looking elegant and heightening comfort at the same time. With the roof covering the interior, sound is completely eliminated so that driving this model would be an experience similar to cruising through the air.