Boeing’s New Refueling Drone Allows NAVY Fighter Pilots to Fill up at 30,000 Feet

ou’re running low, and you need to refuel.  No big deal, right?  You pull into the nearest gas station, stop at a pump, grab a hose and in five minutes, you’re back on your way again.

Now imagine your “gas station” is 30,000 feet up in the air –

  • you’re refueling on the fly (literally), traveling more than 300 miles an hour
  • the “gas station attendant” has to drop a 20-foot hose down to your fuel tank
  • pumping a thousand gallons a minute
  • oh, and you’re doing all this over the middle of the ocean.

That’s life for Navy fighter pilots.  But now, those pilots are about to get a new gas station…

(Photo from Boeing)

…Boeing’s MQ-25, a refueling drone.