How to Build a Better Bed


Ever wake up extremely well-rested in a hotel bed and think, “Why don’t I sleep like this at home?” The reasons? Your droopy mattress and worn-out linens have seen better days. As you move, consider getting rid of your old bedclothes (they make great drop cloths) and start building the bed of your (sweet) dreams with these five items.

1. Mattress

A good night’s sleep starts with a good mattress. If your current mattress is older than seven years, it likely needs replacing. Dr. Emerson Wickwire, director of the Insomnia Program at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, says mattress selection is almost entirely based on personal preference. He recommends the “Goldilocks method.” “Set aside a couple of hours, go to a quality mattress store and try the mattresses out with your bed partners. Make a date of it!” Dr. Wickwire suggests. “Test firmness, material and overall comfort. Wear comfortable clothes and try as many beds as you need to until you find the fit that is just right.”

If you’re looking at inner-spring mattresses, coil count isn’t the only indicator of quality. Instead, feel out the firmness and avoid flimsy edges that won’t stand up over time. If you’re leaning toward memory foam mattresses, try them all out, because not all foams are created equal. And if you can’t decide, test out adjustable-air mattresses and hybrid models that top a traditional spring mattress with a layer of foam.

And think about what size mattress your bedroom will support. You may covet a California king, but your doorway might thwart your desires. Dr. Wickwire suggests taking advantage of your mattress dealer’s return policy. Sleep on your new mattress for a few days, and return it if you don’t love it.

2. Mattress Topper

If all that’s between your mattress and sheets is a paper-thin mattress cover, you’re missing a whole new level of luxury. You can customize your mattress with a topper — cloudlike feather beds give a firm mattress a plush factor, whereas foam toppers provide cushiness without the price tag of a new mattress. Other mattress toppers include pads designed to repel allergens and odors, performance-fabric models designed to cool down hot sleepers and electric pads to keep the bed warm on chilly nights.

3. Pillows

A pillow should align the neck and spine, so the pillow that’s right for you will depend on how you sleep. Stomach sleepers need soft support, side sleepers need firmer support, back sleepers need medium support — and if you change positions throughout the night, you may need to test-drive a few models. Down- and synthetic-filled pillows are softer, while foam ones tend to be thicker and firmer. Find the right combination of thickness and softness that keeps your neck in a neutral position.

4. Sheets

“Hotels spend a lot of time working to make sure you have a good night sleep, and the sheets are always clean when you arrive,” Dr. Wickwire says. “There’s a lesson there!” Indeed, it’s not necessarily that hotels have sheets that are so much better than yours — it’s that they’re always fresh.

Yet even a wash won’t bring tired and worn sheets back to life. In that case, you should spring for a new set. First, decide what texture you like. Do you like the T-shirt feel of jersey, the slickness of sateen or the crispness of percale? If you like the feel of cotton, consider the thread count — a higher number means more threads per square inch — but don’t obsess over it. A lower thread-count sheet in a high-quality cotton fiber like Egyptian or pima may feel softer than one with a higher number and low-quality cotton.

5. Comforter

A thin blanket’s fine for summer, but the rest of the year requires better insulation designed to keep you snug and as warm (or cool) as you like. Synthetic comforters are less expensive than down versions and often preferred by those with allergies, but down is still the gold standard.

Shop down comforters by looking at the fill power numbers, which indicate the amount of down per ounce. A thicker fill power (600 or above) indicates a fluffier comforter that’ll provide warmth; a lighter fill power yields a thinner comforter that hot sleepers may desire. Look for stitching that forms a grid pattern to ensure the down doesn’t shift too much over time.

Protect your investment with a washable duvet cover that matches your bedroom décor, or buy an extra flat sheet if you prefer the triple-sheet method most hotels use.

We’ve Moved! 8 Creative Ways to Share Your New Address


On the move? Don’t forget to share your new address with friends and family by sending a thoughtful card or e-mail. Here are eight ways to stand out among a cluttered mailbox (or inbox).

1. Just like the good old days: It sounds obvious, but a handwritten note is a pleasant surprise in this digital age. Buy a box of attractive moving announcements at your local brick-and-mortar stationery store, and personalize your note with a snapshot of you in front of your new house.

2. Keep it custom: Sites like Shutterfly, Tiny Prints and Minted offer customized moving announcements in an abundance of stylish designs. Bonus: Some sites will mail your cards directly to your recipients, saving you a trip to the post office.

3. Go old school: Scour eBay for vintage postcards from your new home state (search “Greetings from” to find those nostalgic favorites.). Jot or stamp your new address on the back and — voila! — instant moving announcements, retro-style.

4. Postcards without the pen: With the ByPost Postcard Maker app, you can create and send honest-to-goodness printed “We’ve moved” postcards from your iPhone. Just upload a photo from your image library, design your postcard, choose recipients from your address book and hit send; in a few days, the cards will arrive in your friends’ mailboxes. Similarly, the Ink Cards app allows you to create and mail personalized photo greeting cards from your iPhone or iPad.

5. Get crafty: Pinterest is chock-full of creative DIY moving announcement ideas. A few of the most popular pins: using classic manila shipping tags as cards; making postcards out of moving-box scraps cut to size; or crafting cards, using printed Google maps that have your new address pinpointed.

6. Go digital: Sure, you could send a plain old email, but more interactive (read: more fun!) options are just a point and click away. American Greetings, Blue Mountain and Hallmarkhave selections of free e-cards and also offer monthly or annual memberships that grant you full access to their collections of talking, singing and music-playing messages for any occasion.

7. The free way: If the budget’s tight, a free digital greeting card is the way to go. BothPaperless Post and Punchbowl have stylish selections of gratis online moving announcements.

8. Dare to be different: Make sure your new address sticks by sending a photo magnet bearing your new contact info and a snapshot of your family in your new digs. You can order them via Vistaprint, TinyPrints or Shutterfly.

12 Tips for Hosting a Stress-Free Housewarming Party


What good is a fabulous new home if nobody sees it? Throw a housewarming party to show off your new digs to old friends and new neighbors — but don’t fuss over the invites, food and festivities. Embrace the we-haven’t-completely-unpacked-yet look (hey, cardboard boxes make for excellent breakdancing surfaces!), and host a stress-free, toned-down gathering with these dozen tips.

  1. Wait a few weeks — at least. Tempting as it may be to invite the whole gang over right away, wait until your home is in reasonable shape (furniture in place, most boxes unpacked) and you’ve settled in, which could even be a few months.
  1. Email invitations a few days or a few weeks ahead. No need to get fancy with invites, and emailing them is quick and easy. (And let’s be honest: Who can find where the stamps are packed, anyway?) As with any other party, ask guests to RSVP so you can plan the food and drink.
  1. Organize it as an open house. If your guest list is no match for your home’s small square footage, throw an open house, which means people can drop in anytime during a span of several hours — say, 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. — rather than everyone showing up at 2:00 p.m.
  1. Tell your new neighbors to stop in. What better way to get to know the local folks than to invite them to your soiree? Then, next time you see them at school or the grocery store, you’ll already be buddies.
  1. Give it a theme. Up the fun factor and pick a theme! A popular one: Stock the Bar, where you serve your favorite cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and guests bring wine, liquor and gifts like glasses, coasters and shakers. Other favorite themes involve gardening, crafting or recipe swaps.
  1. Set up a bar. Clear off a table in a central location (but away from the front door) and stock with liquor, soft drinks, glasses and napkins.
  1. Keep the food simple. Since most of your cookware may still be in boxes, or you’re too busy unpacking to prepare a feast, order bite-size foods that can be kept at room temperature, as well as pre-cut fruit, cheese and cookie platters.
  1. Use paper products. Save time on cleanup by using paper plates made from recyclable materials; they’re sturdy and totally appropriate for such a casual event. Bonus: If you’re still living out of cardboard boxes, you won’t have to hunt down the one that contains your appetizer plates.
  1. Get the living room in order. You should have the main party spot — likely the living room — as unpacked and organized as possible. Take the drop cloth off the sofa and tables, and lay the rug down.
  1. Plan a grand tour. Give guests what they came for — a guided tour of your new home — or invite everyone to wander on their own. Don’t worry if you still have some boxes to unpack and the windows are bare: It’s all part of the “just moved in” charm!
  1. Set the atmosphere with music. Check out the housewarming playlists on Spotify, or make your own upbeat grouping. Bonus points for sneaking in moving-related songs, such as “Our House” by Madness, or “Movin’ Out” by Billy Joel.
  1. Let the games begin! It’s goofy, but good fun: Make up a trivia game about your house, your town or even your habitat history (“How many roommates did Jeannie have when she lived in Chicago?”). Or group people into teams, and then send them on a mini scavenger hunt throughout your new place.

10 Under-$20 Finds to Cozy Up Your New Home

The moving boxes are unpacked and the furniture is arranged, but you’re missing the creature comforts of home. Luckily, you can create cozy living spaces that welcome you home with just a few budget-friendly finds.


Fringe Benefits

Give your new kitchen some quick personality (and a pop of color) with cotton dish towels detailed with colorful stripes and fun fringe.

Fouta Kitchen Towels



Saving Seats

Wood dining chairs (and your backside) benefit greatly from comfy seat cushions in bright hues.

Chair pads



Tea’d Up

Wind down from a day of unpacking with a warm cup of chamomile — and let a perky-colored tea kettle do the hard work.

Circulon Sunrise tea kettle



Hip to Be Square

For less than $20, this great-for-small-spaces ottoman is a major score. The seat/footrest offers hidden storage and folds up neatly, so you can tuck it away.

Anthology Jolie folding ottoman



Pillow Talk

Throw pillows will add a pop of color to your new living room décor — and easily swap out when you want a change.

Madison Park Delray Diamond square throw pillows



Walk All Over Me

Give guests a warm welcome before they’ve stepped through the door, with a low-maintenance, durable doormat that’s cute to boot.

Vinyl-backed coir door mat



Making Scents

Scent is a powerful tool when it comes to personalizing a space, which proves especially helpful when the previous occupants had pets (or a love of kimchi). Erase the ghosts of scents past with WoodWick’s candles, available in sniffworthy scents such as At the Beach.

WoodWick At the Beach 10-ounce jar candle



Picture This

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so why is your treasured family photo displayed in that shabby-but-not-chic relic? Upgrade those plain Jane frames, pronto, with something more sophisticated.

Prinz Whitman 5-by-7-inch antique copper metal frame



Night Lights

Twinkly string lights add instant cheer to a patio or deck.

20 Count Clear String Lights



Sleep Tight

Kids nervous about their new rooms? Add some soft light to help them sleep soundly.

SKIP*HOP® Zoo Take-Along Owl Nightlight



Buy Two! 12 Essential Double-Duty Items

You don’t need a special organizer for every item in your home; instead, when you shop for these 12 items, buy two — they all do double-duty to get clutter under control.


Over-the-Door Shoe Rack

A compartmentalized over-the-door rack is a smart way to organize a shoe collection. It can also keep cleaning products organized in the broom closet, keep toys tidied up in kids’ rooms, and keep ribbons and tissue sorted in the craft room.



Wine Rack

Organize more than your pinot noir: Add another wine rack in the bathroom to keep rolled towels organized and within easy reach.



Shower-Curtain Liner

If a shower liner can confine water to your tub, it can contain messes in your car, too. Line your trunk with a shower-curtain liner and never worry again about grocery mishaps and muddy shoes.



Pants Hangers

Buy a pack of pants hangers for your slacks; another to hang tablecloths; and another to organize accessories, such as scarves and long necklaces. They’re also great for hang-drying and for displaying art prints (or your kids’ finger paintings).



Coat Hooks

Coat hooks can do for your shoes what they do for your jackets. Install a few hooks in your foyer, mudroom or closet, and use them to hang sneakers and flats.




Buy enough pillowcases for your bed, and buy a few extra for your clothes. Cut a hole in the closed end of a pillowcase, just large enough for a hanger hook; then, next time you pick up your dry cleaning, pull off the plastic (which can seal in moisture and odors) and slip on a breathable, mildew-free DIY garment bag.



Magazine Rack

While you’re picking up magazine racks to corral back issues, buy extra to keep accessories such as clutches, small purses and wallets within view in your closet.




Magnetic Spice Containers

Spice jars with clear lids have dozens of uses beyond storing peppercorns and parsley. Usemagnetic spice containers to get organized everywhere: paper clips, staples and other supplies on your desk; Legos and tiny toys in the playroom; batteries, electronics and tiny glue containers in the workroom; beads, stickers and sewing needles in the craft room; and even lashes and makeup in the bathroom.



Formal Dishware

Next time you pick up pretty serving plates and bowls for a dinner party, buy extras for displaying cosmetics in your bathroom and creating a pretty spot for keeping keys, change, concert tickets and more on your entry table.



Garment Bags

Garment bags are great for keeping dust off of your favorite dresses and suits. They’re also a convenient, portable way to prevent tubes of gift wrap from taking over your closets.



Laundry Sorter

In the laundry room, a sorter is a hero, neatly separating your whites, darks and colors. Buy a second for the garage to tame your family’s sports equipment; footballs, Frisbees, tennis rackets and more fit easily inside.



Toothbrush Holder

Control the clutter on your bathroom vanity: Grab a second (or third!) toothbrush holder to collect makeup brushes and applicators in one convenient spot.


10 New-Home Splurges That Won’t Break the Bank

You did it — you moved, you stuck to your budget, and now you feel like splurging, even if it’s just an itty-bitty indulgence. With these 10 finds, you can treat yourself without breaking the bank.


Fabulous Fur

For your next Netflix binge-watching session, cozy up on the couch with this supersoft, reversible faux-fur blanket.
Oversized reversible throw



Table Tops

One investment that’s sure to pay off, whether you’re hosting a housewarming party or a brunch: luxe table linens. Try Lenox’s elegant French Perle Charm Placemat.
Lenox French Perle Charm Placemat



Tricked-Out Cabinets

There’s something truly satisfying about organized kitchen cabinets. Slide-out, undercabinet organizers are a slick, sturdy way to store small appliances or pots and pans.
Rev-A-Shelf single-tier pullout wire basket, multiple sizes



Sound of Music

Perfect for your new patio, this splashproof outdoor/indoor allows you to stream music from your smartphone or tablet via wireless Bluetooth technology.
Indoor/outdoor stereo speaker

lenox glasses

Raise a Glass

After several moves and just as many parties, your wineglass collection has been reduced to a handful of mismatched, roughed-up glasses you’d rather not use to swirl, sniff or sip; buy shiny-new stemware without spending a fortune.
Lenox Tuscany Classics wine glasses



Say Cheese

Up the style quotient at your next soirée (or snack before you unpack the kitchen) with a cheese board that conceals a slide-out drawer for cheese knives. Bonus: It’s made from richly grained rubberwood that’s eco-friendly.
Picnic Time Festiva Cheese Board


I Like You a Latte

Why deal with the grumpy barista at your local coffee shop when you can be your own barista and still make the perfect latte — at home in your pajamas, no less — thanks to this countertop hero.
Mr. Coffee Café Latte machine


Water Works

Add some power to your shower: Replace a basic showerhead with a combination handshower/showerhead that works together or apart. A “pause” feature conserves water while you lather up.
Delta In2ition showerhead


Warming Trend

Bring spa-like luxury to your nightly bath routine with a towel warmer that gets your bath sheets toasty (it also works magic on blankets, robes and snow-soaked mittens, gloves and hats).
Brookstone towel warmer



The Great Outdoors

A cast stone fire pit turns an average backyard into a blanket snuggling, s’mores roasting retreat.
Sun Joe Fire Joe 35″ Cast Stone Fire Pit in Rustic Wood

12 Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed (But Definitely Do)

If you own a toaster, a coffeemaker and even a fancy blender, you may think your kitchen is fully stocked. But maybe you don’t know that you can make your own squash spirals or airplane-shaped sandwiches. Maybe you haven’t heard of salad scissors or cookie shovels. If that’s the case, allow us to enlighten you: Your kitchen drawers are practically begging for these 12 gadgets.

vegetable spiralizer

Twist and Turn
Turn vegetables into noodles with this device—because zucchini tastes best when disguised as spaghetti. And for the days you just can’t even with healthy veggies, use it to make potato chips or onion rings.
Veggetti Pro Vegetable Spiralizer



Double Take
A colander that flattens and doesn’t take up precious cabinet space? That’s pretty clever. Now double that and throw in arms that hold the colanders over your sink, and you have precisely the kind of genius your pasta primavera never knew it was missing.
Squish Collapsible Double Over the Sink Colander


glass cake holder

Takes the Cake
When is a cake dome more than just a pretty pastry platter? When it’s this six-in-one workhorse. Invert the dome and it becomes a punch bowl; flip the footer and it’s a veggie-and-dip tray. A pie plate, a salad bowl … this quick-change artist does ’em all.
Dailyware Glass 6-in-1 Footed Cake Dome

wine holder

Out of the Box
Enjoy boxed wine like a grown-up with this dispenser, which keeps your vino fresh for up to six weeks.
Boxxle 3-Liter Wine Dispenser


Good Guac
You’ll never have to hack your way toward guacamole again if you have this splitting-pitting-slicing tool on hand.
OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer


A Cut Above
You mean your kids’ sandwiches are just shaped like bread?
Tovolo Plane and Clouds Sandwich Shaper



Smart Shears
Toss and chop a salad at the same time with this tool that’s part tongs, part scissors.
OXO Good Grips Chopped Salad Scissors



Spray On
Conserve calories — and your favorite EVOO — by switching to spritzing.
Misto Olive Oil Sprayer



The Right Slice
Nothing ruins a morning like a poorly sliced bagel. A hidden blade keeps fingers safe.
Bagel Biter



Sweet Scooper
When freshly baked cookies are ready to eat, every second counts. Harvest your crop with a shovel instead of a spatula.
Wilton Cookie Shovel



‘Tis the Season
Life is enough of a grind. Leave the salt and pepper production to a machine.
Cuisinart Rechargeable Salt and Pepper Mill Set



No More Splatters
This collapsible food cover protects your microwave from splatters and spilled foods, conveniently preventing any messy clean up.
Tovolo Microwave Collapsible Food Cover

How to Make a Rental Feel Like Yours

How to Make Your Rental Feel Like a Home

Rental homes often leave much to be desired — bland white walls here, generic light fixtures there and seen-better-days carpeting everywhere. But with these five smart, non-permanent upgrades, you can transform your ho-hum rental into a place worthy of calling home.

    If the Walls Could Talk …

Add a pop of color and pattern to your rental’s whitewashed walls with removable wallpaper. Non-adhesive wallpaper is available in a variety of trendy textures, colors and prints. If you’re not ready to go wall to wall, start small by lining the backs of built-in shelves.

    See the Light

Landlords everywhere must shop the annual clearance sale at Ugly Lights Bargain Basement. How else to explain the glut of outdated overhead lights? Swap out blah fixtures for proper pendants or sophisticated chandeliers. If your lease prohibits such changes, focus instead on amping up your collection of table and floor lamps. Look for classic, versatile pieces that accentuate your room’s décor.

    Windows to the World

Window treatments earn an A-plus in multitasking. Not only do they visually frame a space, they also block harsh sun (ideal for south-facing rooms) and add privacy, which is often in short supply in rentals. Hang sheer panels in spaces where you prefer lots of light. In bedrooms, heavier blackout curtains will help you eke out some more shut-eye. In rooms where curtains won’t work, consider using removable adhesive window films in playful colors and patterns.

    Art Appreciation

Banish blank walls with eye-catching wall art. Stay on budget by springing for a beautiful photo-rich coffee table book. For a minimal investment, you’ll have pages of frame-worthy pictures at your disposal. Another option is to have artful family photos enlarged and mounted on canvas, wood or metal. Use removable adhesive picture hanging strips to avoid damaging your walls.

    Make a Splash

If you’re looking to inject personality into your kitchen, look no further than the backsplash. Sure, you could paint it in a come-hither hue or mount wallpaper in a fun print (see above), but why not go big on style with peel-and-stick tile sheets? The removable tiles look like the real deal and are available in fashionable mosaic, hexagon and subway-tile designs.

Starting Fresh: Tips for Buying New Towels, Sheets and Dishes

As you packed up for the big move, did you ruthlessly distill your belongings down to only those that you love or that are in good shape? If you ditched — or (eek!) broke — a mismatched dish set, or abandoned sheets and towels that had seen better days, here are practical tips for restocking.

    Picking the Perfect Towel

So you used all your towels to pack your china and now you need new ones? Fine towels can make every morning just a little special. Choose standard-size towels if that’s your preference, but larger bath sheets have that upscale-hotel feel to them (and that’s a great way to start your day). Some people prefer to double up — a bath towel for hair and a bath sheet for body — so think about your shower habits as you shop.

Check for softness. Egyptian cotton towels have longer, denser loops and are often more durable and super soft. But no matter where your towel is from, check out the nap of the towel. Run your hand along the fibers. If the towel’s backing shows, it’s not dense enough, won’t absorb well and probably won’t last as long as you’d like.
Check the weight. Does the towel feel heavy for its size? That’s a great sign. Check the edges and the quality of the sewing on the seams. Straight seams — not curved ones — indicate a well-made towel.

    The Sweetest Sheets

The perfect sheets can mean sweet dreams. Whereas, lower-quality ones can be irritating or will need replacing sooner rather than later. Thread count — which indicates the number of threads woven per inch, ranging from 200 up to 800 or higher — is a quick way to judge quality, though it’s not the only factor to consider.

Sheets with higher thread count are softer and often feel smoother. But high-thread-count sheets are more expensive. Before making such an investment, consider how important a luxurious bed is to you and how you really like to feel when you’re snuggled up at night.

Cotton fabric is a time-honored choice, but it’s not the only material that feels soft and smooth. Flannel and fleece sheets are warm and toasty for winter months. Jersey sheets are like sleeping in an old T-shirt. Percale sheets are crisp but lightweight, and sateen has a silky and luxurious feel.

Particularly if you sleep with multiple pillows, consider buying an extra set of pillowcases, as they’re often washed more frequently. And it’s easiest to coordinate the color and style of throw pillows when you’re shopping for sheets — so browse decorative pillows, too.

    The Dish on Dishes

It’s not an exaggeration to say you should really love your dishes — after all, you’ll use them three times a day! Of course, you should buy dishes in a color or pattern that fits your style, but they should also fit your lifestyle: If you regularly throw elegant dinner parties, consider a set of fine china, but if you entertain with buffalo wings more than duck á l’orange, a more casual set will do. Do you regularly refrigerate or reheat leftovers? Search for a set that’s fridge- and microwave-safe.

Fine china appears delicate, but is often more durable than casual dinnerware; both porcelain and bone china are quite strong. Patterns range from modern to traditional, and may have metallic bands or painted details that can’t stand up to extreme heat, cold or microwaves; you might consider choosing a set that can be passed down through generations. Typically, fine china is sold by the place setting — each set contains all the pieces a single person needs at a table.

Alternatively, durable casual dishware can endure everyday use. Often made of stoneware (refined clay) or earthenware (unrefined clay), these dishes come in an array of solids and patterns, many of which are dishwasher- and microwave-safe. These dishes are usually sold in boxed sets or individually (called “open stock”); determine whether you need an entire set, or single pieces to mix and match.

Can’t decide between the two? Consider a best-of-both-worlds set of “casual china,” porcelain or bone china dinnerware in a solid color or transitional pattern that can work for weeknight meals and more formal dinner parties.

Design Mashups: How to Combine Two Different Styles

Design Mashups How to Combine Two Different Styles

You’ve made the big decision and are moving in together, but realize you have totally different styles and tastes. Let interior designer Kyle Schuneman show you how to combine two different styles in a dining room and a living room — easily and successfully.

Dining Room Design Mashup: Neutral versus Color

Your New Home Essentials Checklist

Your New Home essentials Checklist

You’ve made the move and now you are ready to settle in. Where do you begin? This handy list of new home essentials will more than get you started.


Paper Towel Holder
Drawer Organizers
Cabinet Organizers
Dish Rack/Drying Mat
Spice Rack
Water Filtration
Cutting Board
Kitchen Towels/Mitts
Shelf Liners
Food Storage
Spatulas/Mixing Bowls


Shower Curtain
Shower Liner
Shower Hooks/Rings
Bath Rug
Bath/Hand Towels
Tub Mat
Toilet Brush/Holder
Toilet Seat
Toothbrush Holder
Soap Dish
Shower Rod
Shower Caddy
Towel Bars/Racks
Air Fresheners


Curtains & Drapes
Blackout Options
Blinds & Shades
Scarves & Valances
Tie Backs
Curtain Rods
Window Hardware


Cleaning Products
Hand Soap
Dust Pan/Mop/Broom
Room Fresheners
Trash Can/Trash Bag
Step Stool
Lint Rollers


Light Bulbs
Extension Cords
Surge Protectors
Smoke/CO2 Detectors
First Aid Kit
Night Lights
Basic Tool Set


Door Hooks
Double Closet Rod
Shelf Organizers
Shoe Racks
Storage Bins
Cube Storage Units
Door Mirrors
Drawer Organizers
Under Bed Storage
Space Bags
Accessory Organizer


Mattress Pad
Mattress Protector
Mattress/Air Mattress
Pillow Protectors
Duvet Covers


Toss Pillows
Picture Frames
Wall Art
Area Rug/Door Mats
Wall Hanging Kits