How Shoppable Content Increases Purchases


With a Microzine you can introduce Shoppable Content, a new way for brands to offer direct links to purchase items featured in their content.

Shoppable Content transforms the way consumers shop on mobile. This new approach to merchandizing your branded content like blogs and video elicits brand loyalty and increases ROI. The best news for brands is that you do not have to create any new content.  Microzines enable you to leverage your existing content to simplify your consumer’s path to purchase–from content to cart.

Microzines Drive Higher Consumer Engagement


When a Microzine is run as an interstitial ad, brands can experience engagement rates as high as 9% with a Microzine from Zumobi.

Microzine interstitial ads cover the full screen of a mobile device and offer users a high-level of engagement with your brand. These are typically displayed at natural transition points in the flow of an app or mobile website destination, such as between articles or activities.

Microzines curate a brand’s content into innovative mobile experiences with advanced targeting capabilities. Zumobi offers premium custom audiences to meet your exact targeting specifications. Brands can leverage our app-based retargeting, behavioral targeting contextual targeting, geo targeting and more.