What is Surimi?


What is Surimi?

Surimi seafood is real seafood made with Alaska pollock, a mild whitefish related to cod, which is flavored with crab or lobster. To make surimi seafood, Alaska pollock is finely minced and then blended with other ingredients such as starch, salt, natural crabmeat, and egg white. It is then formed, cooked and cut into the various shapes and styles you find at your local grocery store.


Health Benefits of Surimi?

Surimi seafood is an easy and economical way to add the nutritional benefits of seafood to your diet. A good source of omega-3s that is low in cholesterol and calories, surimi seafood is also an excellent source of high-quality protein and naturally low in fat. Check the nutrition facts panel for exact nutritional data for each Louis Kemp variety.